Thursday, 12 November 2009

Force Jump, Level 1: Standing Jump

Here is my attempt at force jump, Level one for approval by the Cheddar Monk Masters.

Apologies for the blur, my loyal astromech droid BR1-4N was not force-shielded at the time.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Force Manipulation, Level 1: 20-sided Die.

Here is my submition to this task, requiring that I use the force to manipulate a d20 to land on 20.

Laser Sword, Level 1: Build Your Own Laser Sword

Here are the parts of my new Laser sword. First before assembly, then after activation.

Charity, Level 1: Make a Donation

Here is the full picture saga of the trials I had to face in order to FINALLY complete this challenge.

It seems that recently my particular area of the Cheddar Academy has become infested with ATHEIST APES who do not believe in the great Jane Goodall!

As such when they heard that I was planning to donate to an associated charity they endevoured to stop me.
I returned home after a hard day's work, unaware of the Ape's evil plot.

I had a bad feeling

and was suddenly attacked!

It seemed that all was lost, and that I would never get to the computer to donate

when an unexpected ray of hope appeared in the form of a conveniently located and addressed box.

I began to wrestle the horde of apes into the box, turning the tide

and achieved VICTORY!

I donated, happy in the knowledge that the A.A. will never be able to interfere with my work as a Cheddar Monk Padawan again.